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Zenai Sokuse WIP

Post by Zenai Sokuse on Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:23 pm

Character Name: Zenai Sokuse

Age: 89

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance:
Zenai is 6'2", and has a slender but muscular body. He has deep bronze eyes and bold brown (black) hair. He stands out as a striking yet, at the same time, very dangerous person.

Zenai is a surprisingly polite and soft-spoken, often addressing his subordinates by their given names. He appears to care deeply for those around him and greatly respects the value of all life. He is very laid back and generally not motivated to make any effort under normal circumstances though he somehow always manages to get things done effectively. He is very calm and rational.


Not yet revealed.

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased Looks: In its sealed form, it resembles a normal katana with a blue hilt and a hexagonal guard.

Zanpakuto Type: Kido / Ice

Shikai: Shozenbotsui

Chant: Fall

Shikai Looks: The blade changes to Ice.

Shikai Abilities:
In it's shikai, Zenai's blade is able to manipulate all forms of Ice (water). His zanpakuto also has the ability to control the emotions of his opponent. This is attributed to its ability to control ice (water (blood)) which he uses to manipulate his opponent's blood levels and temperature, effectively altering their mood and emotions.


Bankai Name: Shozenbotsui

Bankai Abilities:
Zenai's bankai is an amplification of his shikai. He is able to perform precise feats such as encapsulating an area in a reiatsu based Ice cluster which vastly reduces his opponents' physical abilities by infiltrating their nervous system and "freezing" their movements.

The full extent of Zenai's abilities are uknown. However, he is expected to be an extremely potent combatant since he was a former Gotei Captain. Zenai has demonstrated proficiency in kido and hand to hand combat techniques.

He has, on multiple occassions, displayed a mastery of Zanjutsu and prefers this form of figthing over others.

Additional Abilities:
Cero - Zenai is able to use this hollow technique since he is a Vaizard

Enhanced Shunpo - Zenai is able to use a form of shunpo so advanced that it can be mistaken for teleportation

In addition to these abilities, Zenai is able to use most standard shinigami techniques as well as other vaizard




| you awake in an unfamiliar place. a place where the mind is unable to distinguish dream from reality.
you stumble upon the shards of past events. submit to the dreamworld... or is this reality? |

--New Born
A baby cries in the distance. As you approach the sound you hear mumbling.
"He cannot stay here. They will destroy him"
-"I know..."
You catch a glimpse of the child as he is whisked away by an old man. They drift
into the darkness, leaving the heartbroken parents behind. You hear a faint whisper.
"At least he will be safe."

| your body crackles as time bends around your very soul. you find yourself in a hilly grassland.

--A Fresh Start
As you regain your senses you notice a young, teenage boy training on a hill. You
march forward to confront the boy, determined to escape this warped reality.

An old, familiar man approaches the young boy and you stop evaluate the situation.
The boy lunges at the man with a wooden sword and he (the old man) counters the
attack. This continues for some time and you decide to confront them both.

As you march forward, the boy jumps towards the old man who swiftly defends
himself. In doing so, he accidentally jabs the boy and you notice a dramatic change.
A mask forms on the boy's face as he shrieks in agony. You see a flash of red light as the old man screams, "No! You must control it! Stop!". Unable to contain yourself you let out a faint whimper which seems to attract the old man's attention. The old man points his finger at you and you feel a surge through your body. Unsure of whether he can see you or not you try to run away.

you open your eyes in darkness. the vivid memories of the young boy and the old man flood your mind. you stumble around in the darkness, trying to figure out something about your current location and how you got there.

You manage to find your way out of the darkness. Stars adorn the night sky and
highlight the colonial buildings around you. As you wander around the vast area you
hear the sound of clashing blades. Following the sound, you find a group of Shinigami
standing in a circle. You push your way to the front and immediately recognize the
boy, now in his mid twenties, standing in the middle of the circle.

The boy sheathes his sword and an old man (though not the old man from before)
hands the boy a white parcel as he says, "Exam clear."

The old man turns and faces you with a cold, penetrating stare. You hear the word
"Sho" and you feel a jolt as your surroundings change.

|| You now stand in an open room filled with long benches and tables. ||

The boy, who you now realize to be the baby from before, walks into the
room, followed by a few hundred people, wearing a white coat which you recognize
to be that of a captain. The boy sits at the head of a table and you move closer to
get a glimpse of the number on the back of his coat. The boy turns to you and with a
very deliberate motion he strikes you with his sheathed sword.

"...shinigami and hollow cannot coexist! It is the natural order of our world." hearing those words, you manage to regain your senses only to find yourself in a courtroom. You quickly glance around the room and notice many captains sitting at one end of the room. On the other end you see what appears to be a jury and in the center you see the boy, trapped in some special type of energy prison.

After some confusing deliberation, two large men approach the prison and it disappears leaving the boy at their mercy. You notice a few of the seated captains jump out of their chairs but any further action they were willing to take was clearly inhibited by their Commander's presence.

You watch as the boy is bound by some spell and just as he is about to be carried off you see three captains jump to his rescue. The first one breaks the spell and the other two combine their strength to open a portal. The two large men attempt to stop the rescue but they are quickly disabled by the Captain Commander who now seems ready to defend the boy. The Captain Commander turns to you and coldly shouts, "Hadou no..."

you open your eyes to your familiar surroundings. you are covered in dust and broken glass. you come to understand that the recent events were memories. you brush the dust and shards from your body and make your way to a safer place as you realize that these memories were not meant for you.

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