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Moss Bakufu

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Character Name: Moss Bakufu

Age: 17306 (Looks 24)

Gender: Male

Height: 5 foot 11 or 1.80 Meters tall.

Weight: 175 pounds.

Squad and Seat: Captain of Squad 3.

Character Looks:

Personality: Moss is a fairly laid back person, yawning at every chance, often walking around Soul Society bored, waiting for the next mission to come up or sleeping off a hangover. Moss enjoys trips to the human world, hoping to arrive during a downpour of rain. When there is a Captain's Meeting Moss generally turns up just in time. During a fight Moss has a strong sense of fairness, being easily agitated by cheap shots - Moss will often toy with enemy, just to kill some time but he doesn't want to kill anyone unless completely necessary...

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: Standard Issue Zanpakuto

Zanpakuto Type: Water


Shikai Name: Sakamaku Ame

Chant: Fall from the Heavens, Sakamaku Ame!

Shikai Looks: The Zanpakuto's blade turns to water leaving just the hilt and handle.

Shikai Abilities: While in Shikai, Moss can infuse his reiatsu with liquid to solidify it to a hardly reactive metal. Moss can also liquefy metallic objects. Obviously Moss cannot infuse his reiatsu with an object that already has someone elses reiatsu within it. The denser the liquid, the stronger the metallic form.

(Yeah, I'm just that cool.)


Bankai Name: Ketatamashii Ame.

Bankai Looks: Nothing really interesting happens apart from the insignia below his eye forms into a Kanji symbol, representing "Water".

Bankai Abilities: Moss has got a boost in reaitsu and now can change himself into water apart from his head, and then solidify his body. He'd rather not use this ability in Hot Deserts, for...obvious reasons.


Name: Shunpo
Type: Passive Trait
Description: A form of high speed movement utilized by a user's reiatsu.

Name: Reiatsu Manipulation
Type: Passive Trait
Description: Moss can manipulate with the intensity of the Quincy, to put his reiatsu into objects.

Name: Byakurai
Type: Kido
Number: 4
Description: Fires a ball of red energy at a target.

Name: Waste Flame
Type: Kido
Number: 54
Description: Completely incinerates target.

Name: Thunder Roar Cannon
Type: Kido
Number: 63
Description: Fires a massive wave of yellow energy at a target.

Name: Mirror Door
Type: Kido
Number: ...Errr...
Description: It creates a glass-like barrier which is difficult to break from the outside, but quite simple to break from the inside.
(Hitsugaya does it to protect Momo.)


Biography: At the Shinigami Academy Moss was too lazy to go to Kidou Practice and was looked down upon for those exact reasons even though he excelled in fighting practice. The academy was the wrong place to show off his skills, instead Moss showed his worth during Missions. Moss gained trust from his peers by protecting them with steel walls, and binding enemies with steel. Moss always got into alot of trouble from the instructors in the Academy because of his perverse use of his abilities, often receiving a swift slap to the face. Eventually, he managed to graduate from the Academy and set his sights on great power.

Due to becoming an outcast of the Bakufu clan, because of his impure blood due to his Father falling in love with someone outside the clan. Moss went off the rails, leaving Soul Society and tried to destroy his clan for the sake of showing that Love is more powerful than nobility which resulted in the blinding of one of his eyes. Moss sought training to become stronger to be able to crush the ones who once oppressed him, he wanted to be powerful, by his own means. Eventually he found a sparring partner whose name was lost in time, so he could gain more power.

During an attack on his clan, he slaughtered a man in his house, upon inspecting the rest of the man's house he walked into a bedroom to find a beautiful pair of eyes staring at him, filled with tears. Moss then learnt that revenge brings nothing but more sadness, and that if he continued his onslaught someone would eventually want revenge on him, thus hurting any family he may begin.

Moss eventually headed back to Soul Society, with the daughter of a murdered Father as his wife. Moss quickly jumped through the ranks of the Third Squad and received the needed approval of several Captains and finally became the Captain of Squad 3. Moss now fights to protect Soul Society, the place where his new family and friends are.

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