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Nanasha the Unnamed

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Nanasha wrote:Basics:

Character Name: Nanasha the Unnamed

Age: Appears to be in his 20's around 29, Nanasha's true age remains unknown...

Gender: Male

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 196 lb

Squad and Seat: Expedition Force, Leader/Captain

Character Looks:
Skin Color- Tan
Eye Color- Deep Brown
Hair Color- Muddy Brown
Cloths- Shinigami Outfit, tan overcoat
Scars- 2 on the face, 3 on the arms, and several on his chest and back.

Personality: Nanasha is generaly friendly but likes to remain distant, and he enjoy some good sake. Nanasha can be found wondering the desert on the outskirts in the soul society. In battle Nanasha is cold and controled weighing the pros and cons of every attack. During any battle Nanasha usualy remains away from attacks sending his flash clones to deal with the enemy rather then himself. When Nanasha is confronted about his past he seems to have distorted memories. If Nanasha is not fighting he is seaking the next battle...

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: Wakashi

Zanpakuto Type: Lightning


Shikai Name: Kenboushou

Chant: "Storm, Kenboushou!"

Shikai Looks: It appears to be normal with a strange static electricity surrounding it.

Shikai Abilities: Kenboushou has 3 main Kidou attacks. The first of these attacks is the "Strike" command which causes lightning to strike the blade. When Kenboushou makes contact with an enemy after the Strike command it will shock or electrocute the enemy. The second kidou attack after this is the "Flash" Command, it can only be used after the strike command. A flash image or copy of Nanasha is made from the electricity surrounding the blade and a large amount of light pulses from the blade, this image has a huge attack power but no deference making it easy to kill. After the "Flash" Command is used the third main kidou attack is the "Null" Command this cause the flash clone to turn into an electrical field shocking anything it is in arm reach to become paralyzed, are shocked. When all these commands are used in opposite order an electrical pulse will form nullifying any enemies several meters away.

Spirit: The spirit of Kenboushou is simply a shadow, this shadow appears to be Nanasha's second shadow.

Only available to Captain's and Lieutenants, Lieutenants have a 10 post limit.

Bankai Name: Kakikesu Yōni Kieru

Bankai Looks: It appears to be a small short blade similar to a dagger but larger.

Bankai Abilities: Kakikesu Yōni Kieru is lightning constantly charged into a blade. Any contact with Kakikesu Yōni Kieru will result in a shock or electrical discharge. In this small form Kakikesu Yōni Kieru enables the user to experience Lightning speeds. All the abilities of the shikia form are also increased in power and size.


Nanasha has a mastery in all forms except unarmed combat.


The Story of Nanasha
Nanasha the unnamed former Captain of Squad 10 has never set foot in the Soul Society Soul Reaper Academy and has no record of passing the final exam required of all soul reapers. Nansha's rise to rank is even more of a mystery, it seemed he appeared out of no where to become the leader of the expedition force after the unfortunate demise of the former leader by a horde of Hallows. Proving himself in battle Nanasha’s seemed to have an unnatural control of his spiritual pressure, similar to his techniques which seem to be at a level all its own. With techniques decades and centuries in the past Nanasha’s swordsmanship, martial arts, kido, and flash step are rivals to the greatest of soul reapers. When questioned about this information by central 46 Nanasha respond with several impossible accounts of being around for thousands of years. In the end the investigation of Nanasha was dropped after his succession to the royal guard. The truth of his past remains unknown to him.

His Beginning
A child runs down the street screaming of demons and ghosts as explosions and destruction falls behind his step. Authorities are alerted immediately, rushing to the area they find the reminds of what appeared to be people amongst the corpses something stirs. The young boy is cowering behind the crushed bodies, covered in blood and dirt his clothing in rags the authorities quickly detain the traumatized boy. When questioned about what happened and where his family is the boy blankly stares and mutters to himself, “D d d Demons…” Unable to obtain any information from they boy the authorities find out that the boy was an orphan who had escaped from an insane asylum several cities away which had been destroyed. In result the boy is sent to another local asylum until events repeat themselves again and again as years pass.

Last Night Amongst the Living
Years pass a young man runs amongst the night, cold sweat dances on the air, the sound of screams pierce his mind. No longer afraid insanity emits from his eyes piercing soul and mind of his foe. The Hollows eyes widen as fear floods it, for some reason this human is different no longer running for his life, the Hallow backs away drifting into the darkness. Suddenly the human runs, a smile cracks across his face, not away from the Hallow but straight towards it. Unable to turn the hallow falls into its home of hueco mundo the lair of all Hallows, its mask opens to a silent screech as the human stretches apart its jaw, popping and ripping it tears the Hallow apart. He laughs in delight exploring the anatomy of this strange creature before devouring its meat with a smile. Other Hallows approach with curiosity as the human like creature spiritual pressure waxes and wanes. Unable to see the carnage of it kin another Hallow falls victim, terrorizing the souls of his brother they flee in horror.

The Hallow Dies
Time seems to pass as the young man devourers Hallow after Hallows, the minds of his pray compresses his mind and he knows only one word and that is, “Prey” No longer in search for small game he hunts above the surface devouring all he sees. The more he eats the stronger he gets, the greater the foe the more he learns. As he eats his prey the stronger his insanity grows, the memories of his preys prey burn in his mind. A signal mind must rule amongst the chaos, one voice must shout above all, no longer the boy he was the assimilated similar duties and memories of all Shinigami burns across his mind. No longer the mindless animal he was seeking prey and power, he rises with a Zanpakuto wearing an ancient raged clothing the skills of all the soul reapers who died to his pray lives in him. With unending duty he steps past the barrier and finds himself a stranger in a strange land.

The Unnamed Soul Reaper
A stranger transverses across the landscape, past looming fields, through jagged mountains, in treacherous deserts, finally finding himself in the biting cold of a snow storm losing sight he falls to darkness. Voices scream at him as if he where a ruthless tyrant only to fade as he awakes inside a strange building. Recognizing the feeling of spirits he finds himself in a village far from the reach of the Soul Society. He is greeted by the family that saved him only to thank them for there aid. Abruptly fallowing his thanks the scream of Hallows rips through the town. Drawing his Zanpakuto he rushes to find a party of soul reapers battling a losing battle against a horde of Hallows. He rushes in hope to aid his comrades but is surprised to see a figure rip through several Hallows at once quickly winning the battle. Unaware of the added member the leader of the expedition force has them on the move with Nanasha amongst his men.

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