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Post by Tokuchi Toua on Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:12 pm

1. This is a non-canon forum. In other words, you may not be any character from the Bleach series. Period. Other canons that are not allowed would be characters from Naruto, One Piece, Inuyasha, Dragon Ball Z/GT, and (World of) Warcraft. Please be somewhat original.

2. No godmodding, you are unable to control another characters movements, abilities, etc. So don't even try it. You will receive a warning on the first and second offense, after that you will receive a temporary ban. Also, do not overpower your own abilities, make sure they are not godly, you will also receive a warning for this.

3. Absolutely no sexual behavior/content. This is a very serious offense, you will be warned once, if you do it a second time you will be permanently banned.

4. Posting in applications unless you are a moderator or administrator is also not allowed. Repeated offenses of this rule will result in a temporary ban.

5. Try not to post in too many topics at once, for example; if you are involved in a topic in Sereitei do not join a topic somewhere else like Karakura unless it is inactive or the topic has been resolved.

6. No arguing in the Chatbox, if you must argue exchange email, IM addresses, etc. and take it there.

7. No double posting! Your second post will be treated as spam and will be deleted.

8. Be mindful of where you're posting. You wouldn't see a Vizard in the Bounto Mansion, and you wouldn't see an Arrancar in Seireitei.

9. Rule posting order: In a roleplaying topic, the posting order is the order of arrival into the topic.

10. Alts are not allowed, and admins/mods are able to see IP Addresses so please don't try to avoid this rule.

11. Due to the sensitive nature of the Soul Tokens, all out of character interaction during a roleplay should be done via personal messages. If you have a dispute or a lack of understanding, please address it outside of the topic.

12. Finally, the post minimum for this forum is 120 words. The only exceptions to this rule are when posting in the Questions & Requests, Random Discussion, Advertise, and Suggestion Box. Additionally, everyone will be expected to post with proper grammar no matter where they may be on the forum.
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