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Seaas kuuchuu

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Name: Seaas Kuuchuu

Age : 1049

Looks: 21

Height : 5'8

Weight: 70 Kg

Rank:Lieutenant Squad 9

Seaas is very muscularly built and he normally just wears the bottom half of a typical shinigami uniform with a lieutenant badge on his left arm. Seaas believes that wearing a shirt prevents him form being able to use us sword effectively in combat because it prevents him from drawing it quickly. He has short brown hair that hangs in bangs that hangs down to eye level. He has dark eyes that burn with internal pride and a love for a fight.

Personality: Seaas is a very calm individual. He thinks things through before he acts. He follows a strict moral code of honour and will always fight to protect his friends and family. A trait from his past that was imbedded into his soul

Zanpakuto name: Futago Hebi [Twin Serpent]

Zanpakuto type : Electricity

Zanpakuto spirit/Inner world: His zanpakuto spirit is a hydra with two heads, each one has a different personality. The one is gentle and wants to protect while the other is blood thirsty and only wants to attack and destroy. The hydra is electric purple and has a white diamond shaped pattern running down the length of its spine. Its eyes glow like lightning and it has a gaping mouth full of teeth. The inner world is that of a giant cave with tunnels leading into seemingly nothingness. The hydra sits in the middle on a horde of treasure.

Sealed appearance: His zanpakuto's sealed appearance is that of a odachi. The hilt is dark purple with a small square guard. Carried on his back by a long black cord.

Zanpakuto Release phrases: Due to the different personalities Seaas shikai takes on the form of which ever personality he calls on. His Zanpakutos full name is Futago Hebi Raijin[Lit. trans: Twin Serpent Thunder god] but it doesn’t mind him calling it by the shorter name.His zanpakuto is the strongest of the electric type zanpakuto.

For the fighting personality he calls out: Subeteno Kanawo Korosu Futago Hebi [trans: Kill all my enemies Twin Serpent]
For the defending personality: Hogosha Watashi No Ai Futago Hebi [trans: Protect those I love Twin Serpent]

Shikai: His shikai can be considered a twin style but he can’t use both forms at the same time
Attacking Form: The attacking form of his zanpakuto is that of a double bladed wakizashi [60cm]The blade is dark purple and has a white hilt. There are small sparks of light as electricity jumps through the blades. In this form the zanpakuto can fire great arch’s of purple lightning. These blasts can reach up to volts 800000 and can cause severe burns. He is also able to conduct the current through conductive material [e.g. metal] when his blade comes into contact with it. The sword also moves down to his left side.

Named Technique: Raigeki [trans: being struck by lightning]
He points his zanpakuto towards an opponent. Shooting a bolt of lightning at them. Also it can be arced if he slashes.

Defending Form: The defending form of his Zanpakuto is that of a giant shield [ is the odachi from his history see shikai arc]. Which takes the form of a flat disk of Energy that creats a wall infront of Seaas or anyone he wants to protect. The energy shield can also momentarily stun and opponent that come in direct contact with it .

Seaas has practiced many years with his shikai and change its form repeatedly in battle but not in the same post.


[b]Bankai Release
:Heaven Cry as Raijin wakes

Bankai Appearance: His Bankai take on the form of silver coloured armor covering both arms and his back. Electricity now runs freely across him and any physical contact with him now will result in a shock.


Bankai Techniques:

Thunder storm [passive]: A giant thunder storm is summoned when he activates his Bankai. The storm brings rain and wind as well as lightning. The rain lowers visibility and the wind and lightning makes it difficult to have aerial fights

Electro Magnetic Discharge:
A ball of electricity blasts out from him expanding from him his body being at the center striking everybody in a range of 5 meters, The electricity released here is same as that found in a lightning bolt in terms of both intensity and power.

Denjutsu [passive]: This is a hand to hand combat martial arts style that only Seaas is capable of using. It is similar to Shunkō except it is electrical energy running through the users body. This technique activates the moment Seaas activates his Bankai. His punches and kicks are now electrified

Raikegi Arashi: Similar to Raigeki but multiple bolts of electricity are be fired out of Seaas’ hand. The bolts have the same strength as a lightning bolt.

Secret Techniques and Items:


Black Ring: Since he has twice the normal amount of reiatsu he wears a black ring that restrains her powers to fifty percent of his full potential. He always wears the ring and usually never takes it off. When he takes the ring off his Reiatsu is that of an unreleased captain

Light stone necklace: A small fragment of a light stone hung from a thick piece of string. It is a dull colour in bright sunlight but in it glows brighter as the light starts to dim. This was a gift from his captain when he was first accepted into the 9th squad a standard item all squad members receive from their captain. He himself doesn’t even know why he has to wear it when he goes out on a mission but he was once nearly demoted for not wearing it on a mission.

Bokashino [Blur]: A technique he developed while in his inner world. He focuses his reiatsu into his feet and legs and this allows him to move at very high speeds, but it is considerably slower that flash step, but in combat he finds it very effective because his opponents find it difficult to focus on him in close combat. The technique got its name form the fact that the user’s movements become blurred.

1. Restrain
30. shitotsu Sansen
58. Kakushitsuijaku
63. Sajo Sabaku
1. Sho
4. Byakurai
11. Tuszuri Raiden
33. Sokatsui
63.Soren Skatsui
Custom Kido learened from Rai.
14. Twin lighting bird
28. Heavenly thunder
His kido isnt as perfect as his captains, but he can use all the kido up to 60 without incantaion

Rukongia arc: Seaas awoke in the dim light of a setting sun. hungry for life and thirsty for warmth. As the sun dipped into the distant horizon, evil began to rise. From the start Seaas lived a hard life of terror. He learned that if stealing was the only way to live then it could not be wrong. If you needed something you had it or you were just out of luck. So after many years on the edge of rukongai. Seaas with a band of other boys (who taught him his basics of close fighting style) pushed there way in through the districts towards Seireitei. Apon reaching the the inner districts Seaas began to feel a presence comming from the boys that he befriended. One night this presence became unberable and he awoke in a cold sweat. There floating over them was a long snake like dragon hollow that seemed to be ripping its self from the chest of his friends. In a paniced rage Seaas used the basic fighting style to try and stop this foul beast but was knocked unconscious by the hollow when he tried to rush it. When Seaas woke he had lost his battle and friends, but in exchange for his friends life the inner barrier keeping his spiritual energy at bay was washed away. His uncontrolled spiritual pressure was soon detected by the academy scouts looking for new shinigami students. Not long after the battle with the hollow, was he accepted into the academy.

Academy arc: Seaas struggled to fit into the academy many of the other students judged him as riffraff and that he did not belong. Seaas didn’t mind this much all he cared about was making the world a safer place for the people he cared about. While at the academy Seaas excelled in sword fighting and hand to hand combat to such a point that he could have graduated with just that, but new graduation parameters put in place forced him to learn some basic kind of kido. His first few attempts at even the simplest of spell was a failure usually resulting in the spell backfiring onto him. He decided after three weeks of pain a failure enough was enough and decided to seek help. It was soon discovered that Seaas possessed about twice the normal amount of reiatsu when the results from 12th squad test came in. It was found that seass reiatsu level was about double that of a normal student. As a result he was unable to shape and control his reiatsu like normal shinigami could because there was simply just to much reiatsu for him to control. Then a break through at the 12th squad answered his calls for help. They had developed a reiatsu absorbing ring that suppressed reiatsu. It was originally created for stealth missions so that the wearers could go undetected but the 12th squad scientist thought he would be an interesting case study. The ring was pitch black and could only suppress about half of Seaas reiatsu. A week after obtaining the ring Seaas was able to successfully cast his first proper kido spell.

Shinigami arc (about 200 years of age): Once he graduated from the academy he decided that he would help train new students coming into the academy. He would teach the students the techniques and at the same time perfect his own abilities. Then after 50 years he was assigned to the 9th division and intentionally placed him self in a low rank in the division. After 100 more years of intense daily training he worked his way into the top ten of the division. And there he remained as he looked to connect with his sword and release his shikai.

Shikai arc: Then one night as he practiced a chilling rain flooded the sky. Yet this did not stop Seaas from his training for no fight is perfect. Tonight Seaas was practicing drawing his odachi at high speeds from his back. As soon as he had his blade fully drawn. A bolt of lightning hit Seaas and he was sent into his inner world.

He awoke in a pale light of a huge electric looking hydra. The first head spoke with a tone of great peace and the second of torture both blending into each other as they spoke.
" You vile creature who dares awake us from our slumber."

" It is I Seaas ,but how did I get here?"

" I chose you young one you posses a gift to control raw energy its self lightning!"

" I ?" Yes you, now creature, draw your sword."

Seaas reached back for his sword and found that its grip felt different. as he drew it he noticed the hilt changed color. The all purple hilt gained a pure white diamond pattern. The guard also changes into a circular shape with a wild electric pattern left in it. His eyes followed up the blade. He realized that starting half way up the blade the bake became sharp.

" You will now protect those we love. With this Futago Hebi , it will control a sheild of lightning around whom ever you choose. "
Seaas regained consciousness still in his fighting stance but holding the new shikai form. Seaas then decided to try the shield the next day. Accidentily shocking the captain.Over the next 50 years he was able to gain the attacking form which changes the huge odachi into a small double bladed wakizashi with a white hilt and purple blades. Though he has the ultimate electic zanpakuto Seaas could never give up on his favorite ability of hand o hand combat that he created the blur technique and strengthened his shunko technique at the same time.
His age now is about 450.After gaining the second form Seaas promoted his time into the length at which he could remain in that form and the speed at which he could switch between the two. Second was the kido for at the time he felt that with out a strong kido and spiritual energy controling a force that dosent want to be controled would ne impossible. After a number of years Seaas created a raigeki that he could shot accuratly as well as being able to draw the sword out and shot in one motion (battojutsu style).\

Bankai arc: At the age of 600 he worked his way up to about 3rd seat. Seaas is given a mission by his Captain to see his strenghts. The mission was to track a hollow through the mountain and kill it. Captain Rai was to follow Seaas as he tracked it, but at no point was he to help in any way. The two set off onto the trail of a rather strong hollow, apperently Rai felt good about his strenght. The thick fog that blanketed the mountain side did not detor seaas one bit. His will to become strong guided him. The dark image of the hollow vanished at the edge of a clearing on the mountain side. A cave that was oddly familiar stood in front of them. As the two entered the dark hole a faint glow emitted from deep with in. Just bright enough to see. the long slinder tunnel grew wetter and colder as he proceeded. Then a sudden opening appeard before them an electic purple hued flame hovered in the center of the vast cavern. These rays were not rays of hope for seaas as they quickly revealed eight more hollows these stronger than the other. Seaas waisted no time calling apon his attack form of his shikai. His first attack hit home as his lightning stuned the closest hollow long enough to kill it. The second did not put up much of a fight either.The last six hollows began to fire off ceros towards where Rai was . Rai was now sitting on the ground drinking tea. Obviously when he meant he wouldnt help it was the truth. Seaas quickly formed his shield over Rai. This though left Seaas momentarily open to an attack Seaas was thrown up against the walls and trashed Seaas did not have a chance to respond as he was knocked out. the next time he awoke was in his inner world .His spirit spoke to him.

Are you now ready to recieve us entirely young one?

Yes futago hebi, I want to recieve you so that i can protect my friends.

Noble of you, then you shall recieve us.

A surge of energy raced through his body. The pain was agonising. His hands burned as what looked like metal claws forming. He began to lose his mind. Then there was nothing ,but deep clam that he never felt before. Seaas awoke floating in a puff of smoke dressed in his new bankai form. The last four hollows could not keep up with his newly gained speed and power.The two returned both amazed at what had just happened.Soon after the mission Seaas was given the chance to fight the current lieutenant. The insuing fight lasted only seconds without the use of shikai or bankai. Thus Seaas became the newest leiutenant under the leadership of his captain Rai of the 9th squad.

RP Sample:
Seaas stood on the open training feild. The rain fell down hard betraying the eyes of his target. The practice dummies multiplied before him . Seaas lunged forward andcalmly camanded
" Subeteno Kanawo Korosu Futago Hebi"
The long odachi on his back shrank into its attack form that now resided at his hip. quickly he pulled out his sword and aimed at the fi target. A miss with in a fraction of a second he blew off its head. next Seaas launched him self into the air landing in the middle. This time he slashed from right to left sending the purple lightning in an arc to destroy a large clump of targets. The lightning fell fast for the next hour as soon as the rain had cleared Seaas returned to his post leaving the chared remains behind.

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