Arthas Menethil--- vaizard

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Arthas Menethil--- vaizard

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Name: Arthas Menethil

Age: 184, orginally looked 18, since inner hollow curropted him looks more like 45.

Gender: male

Division: rogue

Seat: n/a

Looks: Arthas has wispy, long, gray white hair, and poorly shaven stubble. He is fairly strong, however, his hands and skin have a grayish tint, as if he were frostbitten all over. One of the most notable features about Arthas is the deep lines under his eyes, which look as if he has not slept in years. His eyes are a piercing green. Also, he wears an interesting suit of armor; he has several metal plates, and is otherwise adorned in medieval looking attire.

Personality: Arthas is a bit insane, because his inner hollow has driven him to such. He talks to his hollow all the time, and his hollow usually is the one in charge of their relationship. He has an inconsumable lust for combat, and for souls, and will often sense and hunt any shinigami / hollows he can. Humans do not satisfy his thirst, as their souls are not strong enough to help sate his bloodlust. He is irrational sometimes, and often charges in to what seem to be unbeatable odds, mostly at the will of his hollow. He will often talk to himself as well, but instead of saying arthas, he will appear to be talking to his Zanpaktou, Frostmourne.

Mask Information

Name: Ner'zhul

Manifestation: A suit of metal encased in a block of ice, with no being appearing to be inside it. The eyes of the full face helm glow blue

Unique Ability: Increases Arthas' power, speed, and strength dramatically, and gives him the ability to use cero. With his mask on, Arthas' hollow is the one in control, thus making him far more rational sounding and pragmatic in his fights.(described in zanpaktou section) Also, Arthas now uses sonido instead of shunpo. With his hollow maks out Arthas is stronger / faster than an average Captain or mid-rank espada.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Duration: Ner'zhul enjoys being released immensely, and stays out for as long as he can (10 posts)

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Frostmourne

Zanpakuto Looks: Arthas always keeps his zanpaktou in shikai state, if he did not, ner'zhuls control over him would weaken greatly.

Zanpakuto Description: Frostmourne is a blade of great evil, and its curroption has reached the point where it emits a dark purple glow. an image of the blade:

Released Zanpakuto Description: Frostmourne can use captured souls in various abilities including
:death storm (gathers power from frostmourne and releases a wave of destructive energy that varies in strength based on Arthas' current spiritual pressure)

: Death Pact: Uses the dark energies stored within his curropted zanpaktou to heal himself. this can only be used once every 24 hours. Also, it gives him a temporary boost to strength, depending on the soul consumed.

Death Coil: Arthas creates a bright green ball of dark energy in his hands, and hurls it towards is opponet, draining their life energy upon contact. The power of this is equivalent to a level 70 hadou.

: Soul Cleave: Charges Frostmourne with tenergy, causing the blade to gain a blue glow surrounding it, and give his next strike exponentially greater power. (He must hold his blade out in front of him and charge it for a few seconds first) This strike also vastly increases his striking range, making it hard to side-step or dodge.

Thirsting Blade: Passive: Frostmourne has the essence of a hollow living iwthin it, and as hollows it other spirit-particle rich beings, they get stronger. Some of this has carried through to frostmourne, but at a very diminished rate. The blades strength (and thus arthas') increases at a rate of 1/10 of that of a hollow for every killing blow Arthas makes with the sword.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Hunger, Frostmourne

Released Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Spirit: The spirit of frostmourne looks like a green hunched over figure, who is very muscular. He is entirely green, save for the fact that he has white eyes and a white looking skull painted over his face.

Zanpakuto Realm: In a frozen wasteland, there is a giant pillar of ice, surrounded by a spiraling staircase, at the top of which Arthas appears when he enters the realm

Bankai Information: (he can or cannot have it yet depending on the moderators decisions. totally up to you guys)

Sindragosa Frostmourne. Arthas plunges Frostmourne into the ground, and summons a giant, Skeletal Dragon, glowing blue eyes, and bat like wings. The dragons name is Sindragosa. The Dragon is completely obedient to Arthas’ will. Arthas, after summoning the Dragon, is able to still wield Frostmourne. He generally will then mount the dragons back, and use it to attack his enemies. The dragon thinks on the same though process as Arthas, and does not need verbal or physical orders. Sindragosa while in flight, can almost match the speed of shunpo. Sindragosa has several abilities including: Iceblock: a binding type ability, Sindragosa is able to shoot an opponent with frost energy, making them frozen ina block of ice for 4 posts. While within the block of ice, they cannot be harmed, but cannot do anything. He also can breathe frost energy in front of him, in a large cone structure. This Freezes enemies, and slows their movements, while causing damage. He can give a powerful beat of his wings, generating a huge gust, capable of sending lesser opponents flying. Also, he can fill these winds with hundreds of shards of ice, which are capable of cutting, and biting at Arthas’ opponents. He also has great physical strength, capable of smashing through buildings, and with a sweep of claws causing great physical damage to any hit by the talons. Generally captain/espada class opponents can block sindragosa’s claws, but most lower than those ranks will have severe trouble doing so. His final, most lethal ability is called deep breath. Sindragosa will fly several hundred feet in the air, gather all his strength, and creates a giant ball of blue reaitsu. The ball moves fairly slowly, and takes about 4-5 seconds to hit the ground. However, anything within about 75 feet of the balls epicenter will be completely frozen over, causing instaneous flash freezing to any being hit by the wave. After being frozen in this manner, none (except those with power many times greater than that of a captain) can escape and survive. Anyone with protection in the way, will have that protection generally destroyed, and still be chilled, and hurt by the blast. Anyone 75 feet or more away, will survive but still be effected by the blast wave. This attack can only be used once per release, and after using this, Sindragosa can only use physical attacks from that point forward.

Abilties: Shunpo: an ability which is used by soul reapers to rapidly increase their speed by using spirit energy.


History: Arthas was a prodigy of soul society. He had starring results in the academy, and seemed to be on the fast-track to becoming a captain. He joined the Gotei 13 at the age of fiftyn, as a member of squad 7. 3 years late he became a lieutenant. His zanpaktou originally transformed into a glorious blade of bright golden light which was famous among the soul society. He was popular among the captains and was almost garunteed a captain position soon. However, he was very passionate about what he deemed to be 'justice' and would almost blindly follow his passions, or his desires for revenge. When a hollow attacked the section of the rukongai which he grew up in, he developed a vendetta to hunt the hollow to the end of the world, no matter where it took him. He set out looking for it with a group of 8 subordinates, all of whom died at some point during the chase. Arthas didnt care. He did not respond to any orders from soul society to immeadiatley return to the seireitei, believing it would be a betrayal of those who died. He continued his pursuit of the hollow who had killed his former friends and his men, and finally killed it in combat, or so he thought. However, this hollow had the special ability to infest the zanpaktou of his opponent, and infested Arthas'. Arthas, unable to bring himself to return to the gotei thirteen after what had happened to the companions he brought with him, wandered throughout the rukongai, all the while the hollow inside his zanpaktou spoke to him. The appearance of his zanpaktou changed, as did its abilities. His zankpaktous spirit and spirit world also changed, its eyes turning white and a deathly skull covering its face. The zanpaktou constantly whispered to him and drove him to the point of insanity. He became an insomniac, staying up for nights on end listening to the whisperings of the blade. finally the hollow was able to so enroot himself in Arthas' mind, costing him the last vestiges of his sanity. The hollow, named Ner'zhul, Lended its new host some of its power, and was able to 'hollowify' Arthas. Arthas returned to the Gotei 13 a few weeks after his confrontation with the hollow, where he was originally welcomed back amid some confusion. Many were surprised by the change in his appearance, and were wondering what had happend to him. As he re-entered the squad seven barracks, Frostmourne drove him to assasinate his captain, and then flee soul society. Ever since, Arthas has fled to the material world, where he hunts unfortunate soul reapers or hollows. Arthas is planning to join in the possible Vaizard invasion to soul society, for the soul purpose of feeding his lust for batttle. He had no intention of really assisting the vaizards in any way, and is as likely to attack them as the shinigami.

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