蟷二三 Tou NiiSan

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蟷二三 Tou NiiSan

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Character Name: 蟷二三 Tou NiiSan (Born: 蟷)

Age: forgot (appears 20s)

Gender: Male

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 116 lbs.

Squad and Seat: 5th Division - Lieutenant

Character Looks: A round face seemingly bowed in misery, with brown eyes covered by shadows and short black, slightly wavy hair. Burn marks cover his body and two small dark circles lay at the center of his chest, as though it were marks left by a chain of fate.
Personality: Quiet. He usually does not talk and has a worried look on his face. Has a habit of fingering his zanpakuto and, when fighting, flipping it between forward and reverse position. He talks openly with people he can trust. He is friendly, but has trouble trying to open up and sometimes socializing with other people. Such problems usually come in the form of eye contact or speech impediment. He is gradually working on that and seems more able to trust his subordinates more, or at least the growing handful left to him.

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: Chinese straightsword with an oversized blade (20 in. long 1.5 in. wide .5 in thick) and heavy weight to balance out the blade.

Zanpakuto Type: Wind and Water (default). Reflective (secondary).


Shikai Name: Kokuyoganmaru (Obsidian)

Chant: genzuru, iwaku, chuuwa, Kokuyoganmaru. (reveal, reason, neutralize, Kokuyoganmaru)

Shikai Looks: 16 in. black Chinese straightsword.

Shikai Abilities: When it strikes the opponent’s weapon, if NiiSan wills it, the edge that struck gains the opposite of the opponent's current ability for up to 4 minutes (here 7 posts), with a 40 minute (70 post, of course) waiting time before reuse (i.e. ice-fire, heavy-light, skull disease-angel disease, etc.) and the opposite edge gains the ability. It is for this reason that he refers to his zanpakuto as “the zanpakuto of no originality”. However, this ability is very rarely used, as using its “mirror-ability” also necessitates using the ability in the style of its original wielder, making this shikai ability considerably more difficult to use, but not necessarily to maintain, than its unreleased state. This can only copy an enemy’s shikai ability, not a bankai. NiiSan only uses it when he is sure of a 95% or greater hit, and especially hates to use it, as using it also necessitates conformity, which he dislikes and associates with dogma.
Its default abilities are minute hydro kinesis and aero kinesis. (Note that the moon’s gravitational pull is the reason why tidal waves are higher at night). These abilities are amplified exponentially by six phases of the moon. (New moon = x^1, non-new moon = x^2, full moon = x^3, equinox = x^4, etc.)
It can also split into twin swords with the command: waru (split). One sword will have a white blade and the other will have a black blade. The sword with the blade color corresponding to the edge the sword struck before splitting will have the opposite ability and the other sword will have the ability. The ability usage can be held for up to the same length of time, and the wait time is also equivalent.

Spirit: A Victorian gentleman wearing a black, obsidian mask with two white circles for eyes and an elongated crescent for a mouth.

Only available to Captain's and Lieutenants, Lieutenants have a 10 post limit.

Bankai Name: Kokuyoganmaru Tsukuyomi (Obsidian Tsukuyomi or Obsidian Moon Reader)

Bankai Looks: Twin hooked swords with a crescent moon guard, one black, one white, held in reverse position.

Bankai Abilities:
o Only releasable during an eclipse, a solstice, an equinox, or at night when the moon is not a new moon. When one of the higher levels is released, it gains all the abilities of the ones in the lower levels. (lv 2 gets both 1 & 2, lv 5 gets levels 1 - 5, etc.)
1) If at night where the moon is visible, it is connected to his wrists by extendable chains of reiatsu.
2) If a full moon, it becomes unbreakable and is able to acutely control water and wind (by the factor of x^10). The only conditions required to break it are when he is about to die, the universal condition for a failing bankai, or when the sun rises, signifying an end to the night and the setting of the moon, at which it reverts back to shikai.
3) If an equinox, it emits white flames throughout the blades. The white flames are of a condensed pure reiatsu, and he is able to feed off of them to continually nullify his illness (which requires very pure reiatsu to nullify). Slamming the white-flamed blades into the ground allows him to shoot endless white flames in the form of shockwaves. When the white flames touch the target, they give off a refreshing feeling of euphoria while simultaneously burning the wounded area. This does more damage on targets with darker reiatsu, such as hollows and arrancar, as well as a vizard that has donned its mask.
4) If a solstice, it emits a black flame on the left sword, in addition to the white flame on the right. This signifies a balance between white and black. Unlike the white flames, when the black flames touch the target, they give off a feeling of intense pain while burning the target. The black flames do the same amount of damage as white flames, but do more damage on targets with a brighter reiatsu, such as humans and shinigami. These flames can be used in the same fashion as the white flames.
5) If a solar eclipse, it gives an increase in agility and reflexes. Running is at the speed of shunpo, without additional energy cost.
6) If in a Lunar Eclipse, both blades turn scarlet, the hooks and crescents on the blades become more serrated, and the blades are able to manipulate water and wind to a molecular level, using the water as a slashing afterimage of the blade's path (similar to Halibel's unreleased zanpakuto).

This is where passive traits, kido, and release abilities go

Able to utilize all bakudo and hado up to 92 without chants.

Black Pentacle (Occurs every 13 posts. Lasts 2 posts (1 cure, 1 recover)):
An infection he contracted in an accident with a gigai. He needs periodical doses of a potion of pure, condensed reiatsu to pacify it.


Biography: (This is the story of your character. The story must be split into arcs. Please start at the Shinigami Academy arc, if you wish to go all the way back to childhood you may but that is optional.)

Early Years
Born into the Tang lower noble family, Tou NiiSan spent his early years home-schooled in the ways of the fist and sword, though doing well in neither of them. His studies were above average, however, though not impressive enough to outdo all of the other students when he entered the Academy. The only things which he was found to excel at were the mathematics and the sciences, neither of which were as needed by the military back then, although they sparked enough interest to allow him a position in the mechanics department upon graduation. There, he worked on mechanical training hollows for the academy students to train on, content with his life. By then, his hand-to-hand combat and sword skills were barely that of the average unseated shinigami, and his kido skills were slightly above average, of which he constantly pondered and thought about to find a truth in kido so that he would be able to pick up on that truth and amplify his skills several times over.

The Zanpakuto
Still, he found it second-nature to pick up his zanpakuto when he went on a break and practiced with it every now and then. It was a nagging feeling, picking up that sword, almost as though it wanted to be taken out of its sheath. And when he napped, he always found himself in a giant 10-km.-radius hourglass with reflective obsidian pebbles sifting through a tiny hole into the other half of the hourglass, face to face with his own reflection. That reflection intrigued him, as it did not reflect what he did, but stood still. The reflection even had his voice, and every time, it spoke, “My name is –“. NiiSan always woke up before it could tell him its name.
In a vacation to the human world, he realizes the truth behind fighting as a means of “self-defense”, not “attack-others”, and releases his zanpakuto, figuring out its abilities by watching various straightsword masters in the human world practice with flowing, fluid motions, and relating them to the wind and water. Through later, unrecorded times, he also manages to figure out the mirror ability and split his sword into twin swords when he learns of a dark side and a bright side (as well as stare blankly at his shinigami uniform for some time).

His Kido abilities soon come into play when he figures out a correlation between the Kido chants and various spiritual references in the human world. As such, he dwells into books on spiritual symbols and religion (particularly the Bible and Shinto books in the human world). He notices that the spells have greater effect when they are chanted verbally than when they are only chanted mentally, and when they are only chanted mentally, have a greater effect than when they are not chanted at all. Through his reading on spiritual texts, he gains a greater visual appreciation of Kido formulae, and manages to demonstrate sufficient Kido ability to be admitted into the Kido division.

100 Years before the Present
His rise from training-hollow mechanic to a 5th-division shinigami brings about some suspicion from the other Kido-division shinigami and jealousy from the more ambitious mechanics he works with. Discovery of him studying Kido spells above 50 and speaking of “attaining the level of the Captain” only inflames these feelings more, until the 3rd seat suddenly comes to challenge him in an all-out battle while he was reading the theories behind Hado 54. The battle ends in a stalemate, with both trapped in a Rikujokoro. He then becomes a second 3rd seat of the 5th division with the approvals of both Captain and Lieutenant.
However, this leads to frequent fights between the two 3rd seats, and the tension reaches its peak when the Lieutenant disappears suddenly as a result of an accident with gigai. With neither wanting to become subordinate to the other, they start another match, which ends with NiiSan trapping his opponent with Gochutekkan, subsequently releasing him after being declared the winner (and new 5th Division Lieutenant). Unwilling to lose, the opponent attacks with a released zanpakuto, forcing NiiSan to release his own. The battle ends when the sun goes down, and NiiSan utilizes the wind to catch his opponent off guard, and then sever the tendons of his muscles. The opponent is brought to the medical ward, but is surprisingly killed right after by an unknown assailant.
In an undisclosed event involving the same gigai accident that took the lives of the previous Lieutenant, NiiSan develops the burn marks and the chain mark on his chest while barely surviving thanks to the timely arrival of a nearby 4th Divison shinigami. The illness requires continual treatment of pure, condensed reiatsu, which is very hard to produce. As such, he makes regular requests to the Science division for such a potion. His physical abilities, already mediocre, are even weaker as a result of the accident.
NiiSan is suspicious of manipulation, but nonetheless takes up the mantle of 5th Lieutenant. Many who dislike him in the division, but know of their lack of power, leave to join other divisions, leaving him with a handful of seated officers. He subsequently begins to train for Bankai as well and quickens his Kido studies, attaining Bankai and able to use all Kido up to 92 without chants 80 years before the present.

The Present
Starting 20 years ago, he was trying to master hand-to-hand combat, and is meeting some success, though not enough to match that of the average seated officer from seats 5-10.

(note: biography will meet some editions later. For now, I am sticking with this bio.)
(this is also the latest edition. I just found out how to edit post and did not notice the button.)

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