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Gakuta Camui

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Basic Information

Name: Gakuto Camui

Age: Physical:19 Actual:2,900

Gender: Male

Division: Rouge Vizard

Seat: (The seat your character is in, does not apply to rouge Vizard)

Looks: He has brown hair from the roots to about halfway towards the tip which turns blonde from there. His hair is sorta flat, yet spikey just a tiny bit. He has brown eyes, pink, juicy lips, and skinny, feminine eyebrows. He wears a small blak diamond earring in his left ear. He usually wears a whit button-up dress shirt, blue jeans, and black dress shoes. He wears three bracelets on his left wrist. One jade bracelet, one chain bracelet, and one red rope bracelet. He wears a heart pendant which is black on the left and white on the right.

Personality: A cold hearted person who rarely shows any emotion, hardly every sheds a tear. He is never happy, yet ever sad at the same time. To most people he is just a human shell with no soul, no place for regret, or jealousy, or happiness, and etc.. However, even though he dosen't show much emotion, you could still pretty mmuch see he has a feminine side to him by the way he acts.

Mask Information

Name: Li Tao

Manifestation: He has spiked up hair, a tatto on his stomach and on his forehead with a emerald in the center, grey eyes, large, black wings, black pants with red fire on the right leg, chains wrapped around his waist and left leg, and a red boot with diamonds on them on the right foot, while a black boot is on the left foot. He also wears large gauntlets, and has two small tattos on each arm.

Unique Ability: Name: Name: Amatsu Doshaburi
Description: Gakuto creates rainclouds large enough to cover a city and the clouds block out the sun impairig an enemy's vision, then it begans to rain to mess up their sese of smell, than lighting and thundr crackle loudly impairing the enemy's hearing. This ability destroys 3/5 of the five senses.

Hollow Mask Appearance: His hair grows till it reaches half way down his back, and it turns blonde. Then his mask begans to over his face, the mask itself is white on the left and black on the left. Then a long red mark comes from the right eye of the mask, and a red moon appears on the forehead of the mask.

Duration: Duration: 4 posts Recovery: 6 posts

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Enko Tenshi

Zanpakuto Looks: A katana with a red hilt and to long purple strings attached at the end of it. The blade itself is relatively wide and has the design of a golden dragon close to the hilt on the blade.

Zanpakuto Description: Name: Tengoku Himitsu
Description: The blade itself disappears, and become invisible for a limited amount of time. (3 posts to be exact)

Released Zanpakuto Description: Name: Amatsu Inazuma Doragon
Description: A large lightning dragon appears around the zanpaktou and attacks accordingly to Gakuta's thoughts and movements.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Enko Shukketsu Shimasu

Released Zanpakuto Looks: A normal katana with a pommel on the bottom and top of the hilt. Also in the center of the hilt are seven holes.

Zanpakuto Spirit: A black wolf. With violet colored eyes.

Zanpakuto Realm: Hell

Bankai Information
(This only applies to high level Vizard Only. Unless we decide to make an acception, you'll probably be asked to remove untill later.)

Bankai Description: Name: Blessings of Enko
Description: Gakuta grows two large wings on his bak, one white the other black. Then the entire area turns into turns he entire battlefield into ice and three large lightning shuriken surround him. His zanpakuto also is surrounded by lightning.

Bankai Looks: A double edged blade that has two golden dragons engraved on it. The blades are also very long about, 5 shaku long each.


Alterations: Gakuta's eyes become violet and he is able to read his opponents movements a little bit more quickly than before.

Kido Information

Name: Amatsu Oni

Type: Hadou- Destruction

Number: 1

Element: Wind

Incantation: Hadou #1, Heavenly Demons Palm.

Description: Uses the air around the user to create a forcive rush o wind to push back the opponent or even greatly damage them if they are hit.

Name: Great Seal, Restrict

Number: 99

Element: Wind

Incantation: Bakudo #99, Taoist's Prayer

Description:[/b]Restrict-Binds the arms of a target with spiritual fabric and iron shafts.
Great Seal-This spell's effects are divided into three "songs":
First Song: Halting Fabric (初曲・止繃, shokyoku: shiryū?) covers a target from head to toe with a binding cloth.
Second Song: Hundred Linked Bolts (弐曲・百連閂, nikyoku: hyakurensan?) stabs the target with numerous thick needles.
Final Song: Great Seal of 10,000 Forbiddings (終曲・卍禁太封, shūkyoku: bankin taihō?) smashes the target with an immense boulder

Name:Splitting Void (斷空, dankū?)


Element: Wind

Incantation: Bakudo #81, Buddah of Shaolin, protect us from anra myu's harm.

Description:Creates an energy barrier in the form of a rectangular wall. According to Byakuya, it is capable of stopping destructive spells up to #89.

Name:Whirling Tempest (闐嵐, tenran?)



Incantation: Hadou #58, Beggars follow the wind, and drag this one with you.

Description:A widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the target.

Name: ハニトカ ラハ カクイ ヨシスチキラミト (Fist of the 9Dragons)

Number: 93

Element:Reiatsu, Wind

Incantation: Hadou #93, Heavenly Demons Bloody Palms, awaken.

Description:An incredibly strong, invisible blast of reiatsu and wind fused together are shot from the fists of Gakuto's gauntlets are shot at a target with each swing.
History and RP sample

History: Gakuto, former 3rd seat captain of the 10th division of the Seireitei. Gakuto was just an obdiant young man when he was a 3rd seat in the 10th division. He obeyed the law, and upheld all that was, in his view, jutstice. He kept everything inline and order ad was very strong for a 3rd seat. He was thought of as strong, but just being thought about strong wasn't enough back then. He needed to know he was strong. He needed more power, and he made sure that he was going to get some. On a rainy niht he was patrolling the easter gate when he noticed that there was a paintin on a wall not to far from him. He walked over to see what it was, and the sight surprised him. There was a taoist symbol painted on the wall, so beautiful and vivid. He touched it and felt it's smoothness aloneg the rough wall. He was drawn into the painting when he suddenly saw a series of deadly events flash through his mind. Suddenly a man in a white cloak appeared. He walked closely to Gakuto and told him more than you would want to know about Taoism. Gakuto became obsessed with Taoism after that faithful night.

Two week after that night, the man came back, and he had a job for Gakuto. He wanted Gakuto to gain more power and bring justice to the eyes of all that oppose the Tao. He told Gakuto that he would have to lead the Seireitei and take a hollows mask. A difficult task indeed, however, Gakuto managed to succeed. He spent a good life serving the Seireitei, but now it was time for him to serve the Tao. He quickly set out on a psudo mission to stop a gang of hollows nearby. Of course the idiots let him out to the human world, and there he took the mask of a rather akward looking hollow. He stayed there in the human world for three days, untill the cloaked man came bak to see him. Gakuto showed him the mask, and the man chuckled slihtly. Then right there in the alley the man performed a Hollowfication on Gakuto. At first he was scared and panicked, but then succumbed to the darkness that lingered in his heart. He had what he had always wanted. Power. There was no turning back, he would do his job as a messenger of the Tao now. His first assignment was to kill his former teammate, the Lieutenent, of his former division. Of course Gakuto killed him without ay questions, however, after seeing his friends dead body on the ground he began to throw up. He couldn't believe the site, he hated himself, he had become a monster for no reason! He was on the brink of insanity, when suddenly the cloaked man appeared for the final time. He congratulated Gakuto on a job well done and laughed so hard it seemed he was crying. Gakuto swore at the man and threatenedhim, however, that only made the man laugh even harder.

He suddenly pulled the hood of his cloak off to show that he too was a vizard. Gakuto had been tricked. Wrong. The man was a Taoist, he thought that being a vizard was a gift from the Tao that all should learn to accept. And so he raised Gakuto to learn to accept himself as a Vizard. After seven years of traveling with the man, Gakuto had lost all emotion. He had become an evil monster, full of hatred and sorrow. After he had accepted this new power he had rcieved, he killed his master and engraved a Tao symbol on his body. Gakuto had been on the run from the Seireitei with this man or too long. It was time for him to fight back. His time had come, now would he fulfill his destiny? His life as an outcast was nonthing to him. So what if he was hated, he had power which was all he wanted. They sent Shinigami after Shinigami to capture him, however, he managed to kill them all ad left an engraved Tao symbol on each one. He decided that he would now live his life as a carefree Vizard, with just as many enemies as anybody could imagine. As preporation for the days to come he began to wear gauntlets made of black silver, these gauntlets were't normal though. They were able to hold reiatsu, and he could perform his kido with them on. The gauntlets actually increased the powers of his kido a small bit, making his kido just a little bit more deadly. With his master dead, he was now, his own master, he was ready to create his own empire. And thus his path to greatness began.

RP Sample: Gakuto walked in the air not giving a care who saw him. He looked around waiting to see something interesting happen, but instead he just got to see someone fall off their bike. That was really exciting to him, not. He yawned at the sites of this boring day and wished something would happen, when suddenly he heard someone scream. A hollow had grabbed a woman and threw her through a car. Gakuto chuckled a little and grabbed the hilt of his zanpakuto, ready to draw it when suddenly a team of Shinigami appeared and took down the hollow with ease. The captain was actually the one who did all the work, but it was enough for him to see. He quickly flash stepped to the nearest building then leaped off of it and landed on the ground behind the shinigami gracefully. He let out a long sigh, and cracked his knuckles in preparation for the fight he was ready to pick.

"Hey, you Seireitei dogs."

The five shinigami turned around and looked at Gakuto with discontent. They all were shocked to see him just walk up to a shinigami he didn't even know and make a rude comment about them. The oldest one, possibly the captain, stepped forward and got on his knees and bowed before Gakuto. The woman behind him walked up to Gakuto and hugged him asking him to spare her life. Gakuto then realized what was going on. Suddenly the woman exploded and sent him flying into the building behind him. He crashed through the windows of what seemed to be a restaurant, and flew onto the oven. Luckily for him it was turned off. He sat up and noticed he was bleeding a little. He hopped off the stove and looked at the area covered in smoke to see only the four shinigami who kept their distance standing there, laughing. Gakuto grabbed the hilt of his zanpakuto once more, and he suddenly released his hold on his reiatsu. The spiritual pressure around them forced them to their knees, as each of them struggled to breath. He slowly drew his blade from it's sheath and scoffed at the sight of each one. Grabbed the youngest one by his throat and threw him through another window.

"Let the Soul Society know i'm ready to take them all on when they are ready."

Gakuto then turned towards the others and let up his reiatsu to calm the spiritual pressure around them. They each stood there in shock, untill the oldest man grabbed his sword in preparation to fight. The others followed his movements and they each attacked him one by one. Gakuto fended each one off with ease. They were uncoordinated, foolish, weak, and slow. Something wasn't right here. How could they execute such a plan so flawless, yet be this pathetic. Someone had to be pulling the strings from somewhere, but who and where were they? Gakuto suddenly figured it out. He quickly leaped out of the building. The second he made it out the whole thing exploded. The boy stood there laughing maniacally, he drew his zanpaktou and transformed into some hideous looking man. The man quickly whispered some words and his zanpaktou suddenly turned into water. He was able to control the water with the hilt of the blade and do all sorts of things with it. He broke the water apart into a hundred small needles and they all wet straight for him. He quickly flash stepped to a safe distance only to be hit by a beam made of spiritual particles.

"Ugh, what the!? This is no ordinary shinigami. He's much more powerful. Or possibly smarter."

Gakuto managed to dodge the beam, however, not complely. It had struck his side, leaving a medium ized wound there. He then widened his eyes and froze for a few seconds.'Not now!' He thought as he suddenly coughed up blood. Gakuto was terribly sick and there wasn't much he could do about it. He had to finish this fight fast, or else he would be dead. He quickly ran towards the captain who quickly made the water needles go flying towards him again. This time Gakuto leaped into the air, and the needles went past him and ran through the man instantly killing him. Gakuto sighed and sheathed his zanpakuto, and walked away. Humans stared at the strange sight trying to figure out what happened. Some pissing their pants, while others fainted. All Gakuto could do was try to figure out what the Soul Society had up their sleeve for him next time


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