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Jack Slade

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Name: Jack Slade

Age: Jack looks about 20 and is actually 201

Gender: male

Division: Division 1

Seat: Captain

Looks: Jack has dirty blonde colored hair that rolls all the way down to his shoulders. His hair is fairly messy at times and in is pushed to the side in the front of his head allowing him to see better. His wears the normal Kimono often no wearing his Captains symbol. His kimono's white sash wraps around both hilts of his blade, the hilts are also wrapped tightly with a string to keep them from moving around too much or falling down.

Personality: Jack believes that war can only be stopped through direct confrontation, and therefore has little tolerance for diplomats and politicians, believing that their "peace talks" only lengthen the conflict and cause more casualties. Jack is open to mostly everybody, even those in battle, he talks to keep himself calm. Jack is usually laid back, when in battle he gets serious but never angry. He is quick to action and uses conflict to end conflict hoping to rid the world of war.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Suna Tenshou (translating into Sand God)

Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Description: Jack 's Zanpaktou is a rare case. The spirit of his Zanpaktou housed into a set of blades, in this case a katana and slightly longer than average sized Wakizashi. the hilts for both are black with a gold diamond pattern running up the sides. The handguard is also black, and is a circle with a circular pattern running toward the blade.

Released Zanpakuto Description: In the released stage Suna Tenshou's appearence barely alters. His Zanpaktou's real abilities involve the manipulation and total control of all the sand within a 50 foot radius of any of his zanpaktou. Any non organic object that is cut by his zanpaktou turns into a heap of sand which has the same mass as the object it once was, which in turn can be used for any of his zanpaktou's attacks, the problem with this ability is that the non organic object it cuts has to be relatively small, not much larger than a person. Suna Tenshou's special ability is that of duplication. A pile of sand resembling that of his zanpaktou's size can be turned into a replica of his zakpaktou. A maximum of two zanpaktou can be created. The replicas can cut and turn anything into sand as well, but can only be used so much before it starts to deteriorate.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Disintegrate Suna Tenshou

Released Zanpakuto Looks: The Wakizashi lengthens to the size of a normal katana. Both blades gain a yellowish tint.

Zanpaktou Spirit:

Zanpakuto Realm: Suna Tenshou's Realm resembles that of Hueco Mundo. Its a vast and endless dessert. The sky is always dark but instead of a moon, there is a bright yellow sun that seems to be casting no light.

Bankai Information
(This applies to captains, and advanced lieutenants only)

Bankai Description: From two katana's into a gaint halberd that reigns tall at a length of 7 feet. It has all of its old abilities with some slightly modifiend version. The area from which sand can be controlled has extended to 75 feet. Up to three more halberds can be created from sand. Each one has its own radius that be used as modifiers for sand manipulation. His creation ability is also improved. to the point where he can create extra limbs to allow the use of two halberds, or an identicle version of him to be used as a distraction. The ability to turn any non organic object is strengthed greatly so that anything it touches now is turned into a heap of sand

Bankai Looks:

Alterations: Jack's kimino is covered by a dirty white colored fabric for sand protection. He also has a long dirty white bandana that he wears on his head that keeps his hair back. the Bandana has little slits that can be used for eye protection in a sandstorm.

Kido Information


Name: 4. White Lightning

Description: a concentrated bolt of white lightning from the caster's forefinger.

Name: 33. Blue Fire, Crash Down

Description: Fires a column of blue fire at a target in a similar manner to 31, but over a wider area and with more power.

Name:54. Abolishing Flames

Description: Fires a blast of purple fire that will incinerate a target completely when it makes contact.

Name:58. Whirling Tempest

Description: A widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the target.

Name:63. Thunder Roar Cannon

Description: Fires a massive wave of yellow lightning at a target. "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"

Name:73. Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down

Description: Essentially a doubled version of #33, this spell fires two shots of blue fire with greater potency than the single-shot variety.

Name:88. Flying Dragon Striking, Heaven-Shaking, Lightning Cannon

Description: Fires a massive blast of spiritual energy in a fashion similar to a laser.

Name:90. Black Coffin

Description: Forms a box of black energy around a target, which is then pierced by dozens of energy "spears", lacerating the one inside from head to toe. Aizen notes that the spell only reached a third of its destructive potential the one time he uses it, indicating that the spell would be far more damaging at full power. Its appearance and function is reminiscent of a common magician's trick, as well as certain torture devices used during the Spanish Inquisition.

History and RP sample


Jack as a living human was a man who both hated and loved easily. It took alot for sombody to make Jack hate them but when they did somthing he really didn't like there was no doubt that he hated them. Jack joined the police force at a young age, but was dismissed when he had a near death incident and started to claim he could see ghosts and giant monsters. Those he told said he should seek help, but he prevented them from sending him to a physciatric facility. In the process of almost losing his mind he decided to study these creatures and the people who he learned were called shinigami. He even befriended one. Her name was Erika, and she was beautiful.

Erika was sent to the small town just outside of karakura town that he lived in just in case any hollow activity would spread out to that region. Jack lived right smack dab in the middle of town which is why they met so often. With Erika there with him he learned all he could about shinigami and hollows. He also learned a little about the quincy and how they the rival race of the shinigami. One day on his way back from work he walked into his kitchen only to find that Erika was human, or so he thought. He learned later that night that she was given an item called a Gigai which is a human body that shinigami use to interact with humans.

Although he was well informed about Shinigami, Hollows and Quincy, he knew nothing of the process or how one became any of those. The question popped into his head one day, and that day was the day he died. He was home from his job at the local market when a large hollow, he later learned that it was classed as a Adjuchas. It was a rare siting outside the Hueco Mundo and took both Jack and Erika by surprise. Jack was its first target since he was human, he was crushed quickly, but in that time Erika had gotten out of her gigai and stuck the hollow down.

Erika waited all day by Jack's body until his soul returned the area. Erika rushed him home tears streaming down her face. She then started her logn explanation of about what she was going to do, and about what squad she was in. 6. The number Jack never forgotten. Before Jack could take it all in, she sent him to the Seireitei. The process was all strange to him, but he never forgot the last face he saw, Erika's sad and crying face. A face he didnt wan't to stay with him forever, he wanted Erika's happy smiling face with him.....forever.

The months went by slowly without her. And then Jack decided to try and kill two birds with one stone. He joined the Shinigami Academy to fulfull his dream of becoming a shinigami and reuniting with Erika. To his suprise he was a natural in the art of kenjutsu, although he never weilded a sword or had his own zanpaktou. But kidou was different, he had a knack for destructive spells, but when it came to binding spells he was a lost cause barely learning the basics. But despite his lack of binding spell knowledge he was sent into an advanced class.

Even though he had all his school work on his mind Erika never left his heart. When it was time to gain his own zanpaktou, his last step before graduation, he was a special case. He like everybody else had a special process. And for Jack, all he needed was to want to see Erika. He realised that he loved her, but what he would he say, what would he do, would she even remember him, is she even still alive? When he arrived at class like he was supposed to with his Zanpaktou's he realised he was the only one with two different zanpaktous. When his teacher saw this he was brought to he central 46 who discussed his special case. Word spread and soon everybody knew about Jack the duel zanpaktou weilder. Maybe Erika would hear about it.

Since his blades were not seperated and only one spirit was part of both blades Jack was allowed to keep his zanpaktou and was made a shinigami. His only request was that he be added into squad 6. As all new shinigami he started without a seat number, so little to nobody in the higher ups of his squad knew him, Erika had told him she was the 12 seat. She had probably progessed up a few seats in the 50 years he had been waiting. There was a time when he thought he saw Erika but when he looked again he saw an empty space. without a seat he wasn't involved as much as others, and rarely saw any seat member.

In 20 long strenuous years Jack had been awarded the the 12th seat because the original 12th seat had retired from being a shinigami because he claimed it wasn't his thing. With the 12th seat he sent on more missions and learned that Erika was still among the 6th squad. Withing the following year he had met Erika at squad meating. She was the 6th seat. When Jack confronted her she told him that she had heard he was in the squad, but was too ashamed that she had let him die to confront him. After that she started to cry again. After that they returned to her living quarters and talked all night about their lives getting to know eachother once again. Jack and Erika fell in love weeks later. They had an eternity to spend with eachother.

And so life moved on, Jack skipped from seat to seat until he was the Vice Captain and Erika was at the 3rd seat. Jack did not like his captain at all, and his captain did not like him either. Unlike the usual Vice Captain challenge, the Captain had challenged him. To Jack this meant that his Captain felt that he was a threat to him. Jack's bankai had came naturally to him years before this battle. The battle was epic. His captain had experiance on his side and was winning for a while, but when Jack saw Erika's face he gained the strength to pull ahead. He activated his bankai and then crushed his captain in coffin of sand.

And so life was lived, that was until the dreams started to come. The sick dream were he himself was engulfed by his own power and turned into a crazy, wild, humanoid like hollow. He killed anybody in site. Even Erika, but what drove him insane about this dream is what happened when Erika came up. When Erika came up it was almost as if he enjoyed it, that he took his time torturing her. It just sickened him, and if that ever happened he wouldnt be able to live with himself. As of late the dreams have be occuring more often and he seemed to be losing control with his zanpaktou as well. What was happening to him?

RP Sample: Jack jolted up into a sitting position in bed, drenched with sweat and panting like he had just ran 10 miles. He rubbed his eyes and made his way to a sink and then washed his face off. Jack pushed his hair back away from his face. Jack laid back down in his down resting. Suna tenshou appeared next to him. Jack opened his eyes and spoke. "It was the same dream. The same dream that has been haunting me for months. It's almost as if its there, as if its actually happening." Suna Tenshou remained silent, as if he was hiding the dreadfull truth. But Jack trusted him, if he knew somthing he would have told me, "Every night i feel as if im actually becoming one just like in my dream. Becoming a monster, a hollow. But that can't be possible right Suna?" This time suna nodded, but Jack didn't see how he did, his eyes were fixed on the ceiling fan above him, counting each revolution. Suna Tenshou dissapeared and then Jack was once again alone. He silently fell asleep with one person on his mind. Erika


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