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Zen Youshi

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Basic Information

Name: Zen Youshi

Age: Physical:14; Actual:150

Gender: Male

Division: Rouge Vizard

Seat: None

Zen has white spikey hair which covers his eyebrows and half of his eyes to make him look powerful, and mysterious. He also wears a orange all the time along with a Black shirt of anykind. He weighs about 90lb. and is 5"4 in height.

Personality Zen always acts like he is the tough guy in situations that involve danger normally b/c he doesnt care what happens in battle, he always knows he will pull through somehow. But Zen does not think he is the Best Vizard.

Mask Information

Name: Zika

Manifestation: The mask was the collection of the horrific events and pain that took its toll on him during his life. The pain and horror scarred his soul. Zika is has a large build and its eyes are filled with blood thirst and hate. It has thorns or metal steel spikes that stick from him.

Unique Ability: Hayai Incredible Speed) While Zen has his Vizard mask he is able to go at an Incredible speed while producing black reitsu around his body. He is then able to exell at incredible speeds until he gets tired.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Duration: 10 posts

Charge 3 posts

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Kurowatasumi

Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Description: Kurowatsumi's blade can turn into a blade of liquid water and/or summon a large amount of water. The blade will glow a dark blue and suddenly turn into liquid water that seems solid.

Released Zanpakuto Description: Once released, it will take the form of a dark silver/black blade and a black and blue handle. It is then able to shoot and turn into large amounts of water at an opponent at high speeds and the holder is able to turn into water.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: "Kurowatsumi flood!"

Released Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Zanpakuto Realm: A Platform with tall buildings on a large, black sea.

Bankai Information
(This only applies to high level Vizard Only. Unless we decide to make an acception, you'll probably be asked to remove untill later.)

Bankai Description: Doesnt have one yet

Bankai Looks: doesnt have one yet

Alterations: doesnt have one yet

Kido Information

Name: Blue Fire Crash Down

Type: (Bakudo-Binding Hadou-Destruction) Hadou

Number: 33

Element: Water

Incantation: Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws.

Description: Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy in water form, at a target in a similar manner to 31, but over a wider area and with more power.

History and RP sample

History: Nothing is really known about him. When a boy, he became a Shinigami at a young age but soon crossed into the world of the Hollows. Thus, making his a Vizard. As a Shinigami, he fought many fights with his zanpaktou. He lived in the Soul Society but no one really like him. When Zen became a Shinigami he was attacked by a Hollow also but was first stabbed by another shinigami. Zen then gained powers of the Shinigami, he then got a Blue Zanpaktou and killed the Hollow in one kill. Zen then went to the Sereitei and was put in division 13, he was a Leuitentent for his seat and was pretty good, until another giant Hollow got in his way one day and then got slashed on the chest and soon gained Hollow powers, then one shingami confronted him of being a Vizard and then told the Sereitei and they didn't allow him in there base anymore. He then gained a Vizard mask and gained its powers and began to control them. He has not fought any Sereitei members at all, but has fought a few Hollows. He became a Shinigami first because his soul was turned into a Shinigami in the Soul Society. Becoming a Vizard happened after being a lieutent for squad 11. His soul passed through the Hallow world which then gave him the ability to become a Vizard.Zen obtained his ability to become a Vizard because he fought his inner hollow. Inside himself, he fought his inner hollow which was of resemblance of him. The battle lasted what seemed hours in himself. The Hollow was far greater in power than he but Zen could not let the Hollow consume him. So using the strongest of his abilities, he was able to break the hollows mask and become one with the Hollow and control its power. In doing this he was able to become a Vizard, which he was exiled from the Soul Society for doing this.

RP Sample: "Lets Get out of here Boys!" Zen shouted to her comrades, they quickly began to gather up the scrolls and gold from the vault, shoving it into bags and heading out. She left a single book inside of the vault, which was at the bottom of a large building. She smiled as the pages flipped open, revealing dozens of exploding tags. She walked out of the room, men were charging at her men, slashing at them, a fight broke out in the crowd as they left the building, "Enough Nonsense! Get a move on!" Zen commanded, they quickly moved out of the crowd and began to leave the small village. They slowed their pace Zen licked her lips as she formed a handsign. An explosion sounded throughout the countryside, she grinned giggling a little. "We lost a couple Zen." one of her comrade's named Star said. "Too bad, we got some of their's too no big deal." Zen replied as they continued walking through the forested area.

Tall grass and tree's surrounded them on both sides, the small dirt path they walked on, a horse drawn carriage carried the goods they had just stolen. Everything was quiet, birds chirping, the sky was a bright blue. Zen rode atop the carriage, a man beside her who was leading the horse. The other 12 members walked alongside the carriage, willing to do so. There was a sharp breeze suddenly. Zen signaled to halt. The troop halted. "Formation." Someone said in the troop, and they took defensive positions. Zen smiled watching the surrounding tree's. Someone got hit by a kunai. "Watch for it..." another one in the troop said as another kunai flew into the ranks, someone deflected it. All around them suddenly, ninja wearing Leaf Headbands surrounded the group. Zen smiled, "Hold." she said and the troops remained still. One of the guards grabbed star. And whispered to her, another man spoke, "Your under arrest." he said, he appeared to be jounin, the others looked Chuunin ranked. Zen smiled,

"I can neither confirm nor deny the allegations that... what are we being accused of again, Star?" Zen said looking over the leaf Ninja.
"This time? Grand piracy, sixth-degree multiple-homicide, terrorism and littering, if I'm reading this right" Star said reading over a paper one of the ninja handed her
"Yeah, that. No comment" Zen said silently giving a hand signal, her troop engaged the ninja, another fight broke out in a few minutes, it was over. Her troop the victors. "Move on." she said, giving a signal to head forward.

The Ninja continued on this journey for a while, approaching a large seemingly abandoned Mansion where some other of her organization was. She informed her troop to take the goods to the storage facility in back and wait for her there, she would be back soon. She entered the Mansion, inside a room two men were standing a chatting, one seemed a lifeless hood with no face at all, the other seemed to be sleeping.

The air in the room seemed to boil and distort, the air growing frigid and burning hot at the same time. There was a sickening laugh in the air and a cool icy voice whispered into where Kurogane's ear would have been.
"So Kuro, up to your old tricks I see?" A sharp grin materialized in the air inches from the edge of Kurogane's hood, Followed shortly by the translucent form of Astarte.
"You seem...well." She smirked, vanishing and reappearing on his other side. "Still glad you gave up your body?" She said with a laugh. He turned towards her, raising his hand towards her but she just vanished again as the door opened and Zen walked in.
"Playing nice kiddies?" She said, with a cold bite in her voice. Astarte rematerialized behind her, floating just off the ground. "Oh Kurogane has been very naughty." Astarte said with a laugh. "Isn't that right Kuro?" She said materializing at his side again. "You might want to let me know what those seals you've placed around are." the man who's name was Kuro scoffed and said, "Merely for Security purposes, I prefer my privacy." The other man lazily got up, "Yah yah, enough with the howdy's and hello's, what's our next mission..?"

"Yeah, that..." Zen said fumbling through a book of seals she had, "I found possibly the greatest thing ever"
"It's really big, we're talking crime of the century, the millenia even!" Astarte said excitedly.
Zen found the page she needed and bit her finger, putting a tiny blot of blood in the center of the seal. It flashed and an image appeared in the air above the book. It showed an old half collapsed shrine, hidden in a rocky crag. The image moved, panning around and entering the shrine. Inside there was a deep stairwell which the image flew down into, zooming deep into the earth. The stairwell became more rickety and broken down the deeper it went , I turned and moved through earthen tunnels and down deep mine shafts, deeper and deeper into the ground. Eventually it reached a massive cavern, stretching for hundreds of meters across and going miles and miles down. the cavern had a ramp that wound around the perimeter, spiraling into the blackness, but the image just flew down the shaft. The walls were dotted with holes, each one containing the body of a fallen warrior from times forgotten. The descent stopped and the view spiraled into a crypt, behind the body was another tunnel slanting into the distance. The tunnel became a bridge, crossing a crack that extended to the base of the world. The path began slanting uphill, it spiraled up through narrow passages and over yawning chasms before arriving at a bloodstained door. the image passed through it revealing a room filled with scrolls and books. ANBU members were walking around, a few were writing things down.
"The Headquarters of the Rock countries ANBU, that room contains more sacred forbidden scrolls then any other in that entire country. It also contains battle plans for an invasion of the Fire country. And we're going to steal it."
"Not just the scrolls though, we're taking everything, including the ninjas, we're stealing the ROOM itself." Astarte said with a grin. "Can you imagine it..."


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